Senin, 03 November 2014

Recipes Make Bolu Kukus Practical Bloom

Meet again with times of tasty recipes website, uh do not be one of the tablets here we also provide a wide range of prescription tablets ga wrote just no dishes, no cake or bread recipes, drink recipes that will complement your culinary menu offerings. Maybe you are currently no plans for a family gathering or you also have any events in your home that makes you have to prepare a dish for your guests later, about what foods are suitable in addition to a main meal or a great meal, well this time let's learn to create Bolu broiled, steamed sponge why because it is suitable to be served when we have a meeting or event at home, and also the way we make it easy.

Rainbow cake or are familiar with the term rainbow cake is rich in a variety of colors in each row. When you hear the term rainbow cake, it struck us was a piece of cake with delicious taste and of course the price is expensive. But do not worry, for those of you who do not want your money runs out because the rainbow cake, it's good to try to make yourself at home with a rainbow steamed sponge recipe. Snacks is one of the original homeland snacks that we can easily meet. Sponge cake is easy snacks that make our stomach full, because of the materials it uses basic ingredients include wheat flour and eggs. For this type of sponge cake found in Indonesia is quite diverse, ranging from steamed cakes, birthday cakes idea, layer cake, rainbow cake, how to cook dadar gulung easy and many others.

How to make bolu kukus
  1. The first step you Beat eggs with sugar, and emulsifier until everything is stiff for 10 minutes.
  2. Next, you enter the flour and baking powder alternately with sifted while fizzy drinks or sodas pure bargaining while shaken gently. Then add the vanilla essence ingredients. then stir back.
  3. Then you take 50 grams of dough were added pink coloring. and mix well. after that take 50 grams of dough made them and then you add a light green coloring. Stir back. and leave the rest white.
  4. Fourth you spoon the white batter into the mold had steamed sponge that has been coated with baking paper. Then add the batter pink and light green colored dough was on it.
  5. Your last steamed 10 minutes over high heat until cooked

How to Make Delicious Recipes Brownies Kukus Pandan

Make friends who like to eat and cakes, would have heard and felt the delicacy Brownis Steamed Pandan Cake or Brownies Steamed Pandan Amanda NCC. For living in the city of London and other major cities, perhaps not too difficult to find and buy it. But what if it happened to be out of town again? For that reason, this time I will invite friends foodies to learn how to create your own recipe Brownis Steamed Pandan at home. Of course in addition to more efficient, making Browneis Recipe Steam itself is certainly more exciting and can be used as one of the ideas for the culinary business.

One of the advantages of making your own Steam Brownies Recipe besides also save even more friends can create their own to add to the delicacy of her cake. Friends can add grated cheese and a cherry on top of the cake to enhance your appearance. Some of the commonly used food ingredients, such as grains of chocolate, almonds, cashews, cream or other fresh fruit can also be added to increase the delicacy of the results would happen at the or other site. In addition, you can make chocolate brownies with pandanus or mix and match some colors of the rainbow in one pan. Actually, how to make Steamed Pandan Recipe Brownis is not too difficult as one might imagine some laymen. No need to be a chief or chef to be able to make steamed brownies cake yourself at home. Ingredients brownie maker was also easily able to shop at stores around us. Of course, there are some tips that should be considered so that the results would happen perfectly, like do not use on high heat, stirring gently and make sure the dough laahn arbitrarily perfectly mixed material or use a mixer at medium speed for whipping eggs.

How to make it
  1. Take a adoanan. Enter 3 pcs egg yolks, 1 pcs egg whites, sugar and a quarter emulsifernya cake.
  2. Shake all the above ingredients with mixer until all ingredients are well blended and fluffy.
  3. Take place again. Enter terigunya flour 50 grams, 10 grams of milk powder and baking powdernya. Stir all ingredients until smooth and sieve until smooth.
  4. Mix the flour mixture into the batter above the main. Stir all ingredients until completely mixed.
  5. Pour liquid margarine little by little, stirring until blended.
  6. Enter the 50 grams of white chocolate liquid little by little while stirring.
  7. Enter pandan paste it, still stirring until smooth.
  8. Prepare a baking sheet and place the baking sheet on top.
  9. Pour batter nrownis his steamed pandan kle on a baking sheet.
  10. Put it in a small steamer basket over medium heat. Steam until cooked or approximately 21-23 minutes.
  11. Remove and let it cool before spread with cream, grated cheese, chocolate granules or other additives