Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 18

La Reina del Sur Capitulo 18 ver online, Ver La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 18 , TeleNovelaSeries La reina del Sur cap 18, 23 Marzo, After a week without a broadcast, because the inaugural Queen of the South, the ship returned to normal hole in the grill and turned into the brightest Monday night. A chapter better than the previous one that tells you who is devoted to "bubble" before the accident and find out if the ship was seen, there is life and that has happened. In April's 1.14. Republic continue the good record and CSI Las Vegas continued in third position, increasing the data as last night. In four, the tourists Street make a data connection brushed ten percent poor and Samanta, yesterday was the season and has been confirmed that updated and laSexta cinema, with the sixth day more than seven percent.

Antena 3, the ship managed to 3.996 million and 19.8%, after the investigation team with "nuclear warning" fell to 1.263 million and 11.0% nuclear secrecy Spain marked 408,000 and 7.6% and Chernobyl: the whole truth is 223,000 and 8.0%. In La 1, 14 April. Republic seen by 3.423 million and 16.7% and Regent "Chapter 1" by 935,000 and 10.6%.

Telecinco, two CSI Release captítulos managed and 2.707 million 2.427 million 11.4% and 13.5%, and the three CSI Miami reruns improve the data fit to spend the night with 2.005 million and 15.2%, 1.283 million and 877,000 and 17.8% and 21.4%.

In four, the mound with Joaquin Reyes as guest is 1.614 million and 7.8% of passengers Street "Cebu" had to settle for 1.003 million and 5.0%, and Connections Samanta "Erotic World" is seen by 1119. 000 and 9.6%, very good results and also we know that has been renewed for a second season. Flights to Brazil managed to 291,000 and 6.6%. In laSexta, cinema with the sixth day got 1.223 million and 7.1%.

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